HANDSY is a community of writers and artists. It costs nothing and is open to everyone. Through our digital journal, workshops, and other free communal activities, we aim to create a virtual and physical space for creative individuals who desire a community in which they can share their work and feel validated, challenged, and inspired.

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Becky Scott (Editor-in-Chief) is a Brooklyn-based writer who enjoys buffalo wings and writing journalistic long-form pieces on The Bachelor.


Johannah Bogart (Editor) is a counselor at an alternative high school. She copes with Brooklyn rent by using all the tester nail polish at Sephora. She got into poetry during family read-alouds when her mom would let her eat cake for breakfast. 


Samantha Plakun (Editor) is a Brooklyn-based documentary film producer who can’t seem to get into yoga. Sam has been previously published in Et Alia Press’s Scars: An Anthology. Aside from writing, her hobbies are all food-related.



Max Lebo (Editor) is a friend of a friend who lives in Greenpoint and writes fiction. He doesn’t teach a Zumba class, so don’t bother googling it.



Andrew Weaver (Editor, Web Designer) is a Brooklyn-based writer, illustrator, graphic designer and caricature artist. You can find him at your local tea shop, browsing the Earl Grey selection.